Navigating through the government maze

Bringing Your Company Closer to Local Government

Christian Lira

What is CLC?

Christian Lira Consulting is a New Mexico based government consulting firm serving state, regional and local companies, as well as small business enterprises. Since 2016, my focus has been serving clients in the real estate development, architecture, engineering, construction, infrastructure, and transportation industries

Christian Lira Consulting can pave the way for  your project’s success. My constant presence and continuous engagement in the local governmental and the political arena gives me intimate knowledge of the process, as well as good insight on emerging issues and trends

Competitive business environment

In today’s competitive business environment, it is indispensable to work with an experienced consultant, able to guide the project through the complex governmental regulations landscape.

Christian Lira provides government consulting services to various industries, including real estate development, design, construction, and transportation. I have the capability to assist with projects from inception to conclusion.

 Building relationships

It’s imperative to invest in building relationships, acquiring knowledge and strategizing. I engage government officials early on, to ensure good, effective communication throughout the project’s life cycle to advance projects in a timely manner.

I am always proactive and always a step ahead, which enables me to seek resolution to potential problems before they become evident.

Christian Lira Consulting can help you develop and implement the visionary strategies to do just that – distinguish and enhance your company’s presence throughout New Mexico. I help our clients understand, participate and influence the decision and policy making processes, by working hand in hand with all of the region’s local government bodies.

Christian Lira Consulting invests in acquiring knowledge about our clients’ specific needs and strategizes with them to take a winning  approach to business development. In short, I am your governmental affairs liaison from your project’s inception phase, and remain engaged throughout until you achieve a successful conclusion.


Further, I have the advantage of being a local, Southern New Mexico based, which gives me a good grasp of the local political climate. I recognize that most business endeavors are time sensitive. I approach every task with a sense of urgency to bring the project to fruition on schedule and avoid costly delays.

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