I provide boutique management consultancy focused on converting strategic vision into business reality.

I will always go the extra mile, equipping my clients with critical insights and plans for navigating challenges and accelerating change.

You don't have to do everything alone, together we will achieve more.

We’ll start by defining your mission, vision, brand, and strategy. By defining your business’s specific goals, together we will determine the direction and focus you’ll need to grow. Strategizing also provides an opportunity to test your assumptions and decide which parts of your vision are realistic, which expectations need adjustment, and where you can stand to be a little more ambitious in your plans. Budgeting and financial performance evaluations help give you a realistic picture of your current position and your potential for growth. You’ll have a clear, concise idea of the current state of your business, the resources available to help you expand, and projections for future success.



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Ideas with planing and passion are only twenty percent of the formula, the remaining eighty percent is in the execution. Thats what most fail to realize.

Christian Lira